SELFIES are norm today. You want them inside the house and out in the market ,with friends and acquaintances and even with total strangers.

The fetish for selfies is now even being described as a Syndrome.

Broadly selfie syndrome is divided into three categories-

  1. Borderline selfie
  2. Acute Selfie
  3. Chronic Selfie

  • In borderline selfie ,the user takes a minimum of three photographs everyday and does not post it on social media.
  • In acute selfie the user takes a minimum of three photographs every day and post them immediately on social media.
    • In case of Chronic Selfie the user takes a minimum of six photographs everyday and post them immediately on social media.

    Selfie syndrome has even created unknown dangers in the form of Selfie Anxiety and Selfitis, which our burgeoning young masses are grappling.

    • Selfie Anxiety: It ranges from Dysmorphia ,Video -Physiognomic Dysphoria to vulnerability hangover.  Today, several apps are available to take selfies and give them a makeover although the reality is different. Such examples are Skinnee Pix -a selfie app that makes you look thinner which further creates body-related insecurities and tendencies called dysmorphia.

      Another app called Plastic Surgery Simulator is used for High-Definition Masking in selfie which most psychological consultants term as Video -Physiognomic Dsyphoria(VPD). Similar is the app case with the app Face tune that encourages you to “just swipe for perfect skin” which means “the feeling that sweeps over us after we feel the need to connect and we share something deeply meaningful ; minutes ,hours ,or days later,we begin to feel regret sweep over us like a warm wave of nausea”.

    • Selfitis: The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has coined a mental disorder syndrome called Selfitis; or the inflammation of the ego.  The disorder menifests itself in three stages :borderline, acute and chronic.Selfie is no more amusing or funny but a mental disorders or an obsession to project an artificial self image.Many psychologists believe that Selfitis may be partly due to past past bullying, broken relationships, strained family bonding and low self esteem.

      Obsessive selfie taking has been classified as a mental health disorder and many psychologists have categorized this kind of disorder as ‘Selfitis’.While  a Hyderabad boy is known to be eyeing a record by clicking 1800 selfies in one hour ,there have been many deaths due to this obsession with selfie .India accounted for approximately half of the 27 people who died taking selfies in 2015 ,according to Washington Post report.

       There is a shared responsibility of families ,schools, industry, government and others in the public all playing their part to reduce the harmful menace of the selfie culture.


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