How to become Happy😊😊

​Why is our happiness so short lived and inconsistent?

Yes .. There is just one way to maintain our happiness at all times.. Its simple – just make your Happiness – Independent- of everything else ..

Yes you read it right, it is a definite way to maintain our happiness. To understand it better let`s see how a normal person is different in terms of behavior and attitude and how it impacts the simple fundamental state of happiness which I believe `Every HUMAN is blessed with and has POWER to be In-charge of!

Suppose a guy named `X` is self-centered. Mr X is a self-sufficient person who lives in a modern city with his family and has a healthy social circle, in all he is living comfortably. Now when Mr X is asked a question “How happpy are you? and Mr. X thinks and replies that – I am close to getting promotion in my office once that happens i am going to be happy, he also mentions that he is been thinking of taking his wife and kid for a holiday but is unable to – if I am able to plan that soon I will be more happy. Similarly he states more things which he thinks is stoping him from being happy and once all things are in place he will be happy .

Mr X seems to have held his happiness, ransom to the achievement of things or on being successful.. Right? Now, do you think that emotion of happiness is to be dependent upon accomplishments or achievements …think..think…

Yes you are right- happiness cannot depend on something.. let me drive home the point with an example :- lets compare Mr.X with a man who has limited means and lives on streets, he has no financial strength .. which we all feel is critical for our happiness.. Not even a stable Income, but still he looks to be happy.. not affected by his current state.. And actually he seems to be more happy than Mr X . How is this possible ? Simply because this man has complete acceptance of his state of life and he has not made the achievement of his expectations a necessity for his happiness .. which makes way for uninterrupted happiness in his life!

Happiness is not something to be achieved on completion of events , it should be there before and after anything .. It is a NATURAL STATE, which gets disturbed by our non clarity on this emotion. Agree?

Mr X has different understanding which inhibits his happiness because his happiness is on to future events occuring which is uncertain… Many factors play a role for any event to occur… Even when he accomplishes his goals he will have many more goals yet to be achieved.. right? .. and this very thought will make sure that his happiness stays away.

Why make our Happiness.. independent? You may ask… I want you to think about in what state of mind are you at your best for Actions /Responses/

Thinking … Yes you got that right .. Its a Happy State!

For only a happy mind can make sure we are un-affected by our lower emotions and use all our mental capability.

If we keep our happiness primary to everything and not like Mr X on achievement . We will ensure 100% efforts in the work we are doing and possibilities of being exemplinary in that is huge , which we all desire for ourselves.

Be in charge of your happiness.. Be You!


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