Before Big Bang..

​What happened before the BIG BANG?

Before Big Bang…. There was a singularity. An infinite singularity. A region of 0-Dimension with an infinite structure. This sounds cynical, but this infinite singularity is the base of the explosion Big Bang. There was neither space nor time. If anyone asks what was there before it…. “Its the same question of asking… What is there to the South of South Pole”. Within 10^-32 seconds the universe grew from a size of proton to a size of grapefruit. It is the essence of quantum fluctuations. A region in vacuum has some scaler fields… Like higgs field, electromagnetic field and this field when operates at the Planks length then there is an outburst of tremendous amount of energy. All these energy are the cause of this inflation. But what about time??? Well, dark energy has the most prominent effect in Planks time. A planks length is 1.6*10-35 m and when this is divided by light speed (c)… 2,98,822 approx km/hrs… Ten what we get is the Planks Time that is 10^-43 sec… This is the smallest time that has ever achieved and the time of inflation is very close to it…. 10-32 secs. And that’s the reason why inflation takes place at a time where the notion of TIME is Spacelike & SPACE is Timelike. That means between 10^-31 sec & 10^-32 sec there is only space but no time. Surprising huh?? Well, this space… The 10^-1 factor of space is the space where quantum fluctuations of the scaler field in vacuum are so impact that the density along with a temperature of some million TeV or Tera Electron Volts is reached and this force is necessary to combine all the 4 forces of nature…. The Strong nuclear force, The weak nuclear force, The electromagnetic force & the Gravitational force. Yes, all the four forces are unite and when after 13.7 billion years later NASA send WMAP satellite to map the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation… Then it only maps the photon which has turned into microwave spectrum due to the stretching of wavelength as a result of the expansion of the universe. Now, this image of CMBR is mapped for only 3,80,000 years after the Big Bang because within 3,80,000 years our universe was a Hot fluid of Plasma which is Opaque and have high heat. After that the hydrogen and helium atoms formed and the light has finally shine. So, till that time the heat remained quite uniform and that leftover radiation has been mapped by the WMAP satellite.

Everything is acting as an accelerating force instead of repulsive force. The universe is homogeneous and expanding…. It is expanding due to the anti- gravity effect of the MACHO & WIMP. MACHO is the black objects in the sky like black hole and neutron stars and WIMP is weakly interactive massive particles or the neutrino or simply the empty space. After Big Bang…. After a certain period of time the 4 forces got scattered due to the cooling of the Cosmos of about -270°C…. And stars started to burn out in time. Once the sun will ultimately got burned up all its hydrogen fuel & turned into helium. Now this helium is turned into lithium & ultimately beryllium and finally carbon due the the unstable nucleus by the process of nuclear fission. Then the star will get compacted in its core and its outer part explodes to supernovae or its inner part gets turned into black hole. Till then we are safe. The sun is in the middle of his lifetime…. Only 4 1/2 billion years old and will last for another 5 billion years and after that when it turned into red giant the whole star got covered the orbit and expand upto the orbit of Mars. So earth will get evaporated away. But its way too long……

Our universe is 13.7 billion years old. That means we can only see that portion of universe from which light has travelled 13.7 billion years to the maximum. And there are stars in the sky that are about 28 billion light years old. So its impossible to see their exact position. What we see it their position when they were at this place 28 billion light years before time. So, this pat of visible universe is the observable universe within a much larger unobservable one.


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